What we do

Regenerate Christchurch was established in April 2016 to lead Christchurch from recovery to regeneration.

Our focus is on achieving lasting regeneration outcomes that will transform Christchurch and attract investment.

We will endeavour to unlock the full potential of Christchurch to create a vibrant city with opportunities for people to grow, connect and thrive.

We will do this through the development of regeneration plans, strong leadership and advice.

We work with our partners and communities to ensure our priorities reflect their needs and will deliver the regeneration outcomes sought.

Regeneration Planning

The Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor and the central city are the initial focus of our regeneration planning.
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Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor 

The formal regeneration planning process for the area is well underway. 

The Outline for the Ōtākaro/Avon River Corridor Regeneration Plan is the first mandatory step in the statutory regeneration planning process. It sets out the process and timeframes for developing the draft Regeneration Plan.


Map of the Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor

This is the area covered by the Outline for the Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor.

A map of the Otakaro Avon river corridor regeneration area


 The work of Regenerate Christchurch covers all former red zone areas in Christchurch as well as other areas needing regeneration. The Ōtākaro Avon River corridor is just one focus of our planning and engagement with communities.

Cathedral Square and surrounds

Revitalising Cathedral Square and the surrounding area is crucial to Christchurch’s overall regeneration. Cities are often defined by the quality of their centre and at the moment our centre needs some attention. While there has been plenty of progress across the central city as a whole, the area around Cathedral Square and the surrounding areas (broadly, the area between Hereford, Cambridge, Kilmore and Manchester Streets) haven’t seen the same level of activity or private investment.

We all acknowledge we can’t do it alone – it’s going to take collective agreement on a vision and some actions, including investment and redevelopment, to kick-start redevelopment. Regenerate Christchurch is working with its statutory partners – Christchurch City Council, the Crown and Ngāi Tahu – and a range of stakeholders to develop a regeneration strategy and action plan for Cathedral Square and the surrounding area.

In July 2017, Regenerate Christchurch proposed five key moves to help stimulate investment and create a centre that showcases the very best of our city for public feedback. 

See what was proposed in the draft concept for Cathedral Square and the surrounding areas.

New Brighton

We are providing advice to Development Christchurch Limited on the regeneration projects they are leading. We will be assessing what further interventions will be needed for the wider New Brighton area. We are exploring opportunities to connect the city to the sea along the Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor and to revitalise surrounding communities.

Southshore and South Brighton

The Southshore and South New Brighton Regeneration Strategy is a collaboration between Christchurch City Council and Regenerate Christchurch. The regeneration strategy will focus on short, medium and long term responses to adapt to the effects of climate change and sea-level rise, alongside the social and economic needs of the community. We will engage with local communities to address overlapping issues and opportunities. This may range from looking at the future of the residential red zone in Southshore through to partnering with the community to plan how we adapt to new challenges.


Regenerate Christchurch provided advice to the Minister of Greater Christchurch Regeneration to use the Greater Christchurch Regeneration Act to enable Redcliffs School to return to its community as soon as possible. Many people in the Redcliffs community wish to see the school return to their neighbourhood as quickly as possible, and using the Regeneration Act helped speed up the process. On 9 May 2018 the Minister announced that Redcliffs School will be relocated to a new site in Redcliffs Park and be fast-tracked through special changes to the Christchurch District Plan. Regenerate Christchurch worked closely with the Ministry of Education, Christchurch City Council and its partners to advance the proposal under section 71 of the Regeneration Act to enable the school to move. 

Independently of this, the Ministry of Education worked with the Redcliffs School Board of Trustees to develop a community engagement process for gaining the community’s input on developing the plan for the new school on Redcliffs Park. Engagement information will be updated on the Ministry of Education’s Shaping Education website and a detailed timeline for this will be made available by the Ministry once it has been finalised with Redcliffs School.

Redcliffs School to proceed at new site


The first Regeneration Plan for Christchurch was approved by the Minister in August 2017. It will see land on Cranford Street near Papanui and St Albans rezoned to develop 370 houses. This is the first Regeneration Plan prepared using the fast track process set out in the Greater Christchurch Regeneration Act. The plan was prepared by Christchurch City Council and submitted to Regenerate Christchurch and will providing certainty about the long-term use of the Cranford area and the contribution it will make to greater Christchurch’s regeneration. We think the draft Plan will support greater Christchurch’s regeneration by converting inefficiently used, isolated land to uses that can be integrated with planned storm water and transport projects and will make a positive contribution to the local and wider community’s environmental and social wellbeing. It also allows for housing near parks, shopping, schools and transport routes.

Minister signs off Cranford Regeneration Plan

The Port Hills

The release of technical information for the residential red zone in September 2016 did not include the Port Hills. At this stage, Regenerate Christchurch's initial priorities are the Ōtākaro Avon River corridor and Cathedral Square and surrounds. Technical information for the Port Hills will be collated and released at a later date. Some useful information about land in the Port Hills is currently available:


We will continue to work with the Brooklands communities to better understand their priorities and determine an approach for regeneration planning in this area. We recognise that this area has unique circumstances and are likely to need a different approach to that proposed for the Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor. We need to gain a better understanding of the characteristics of Brooklands, including further information about coastal influences. We will continue to be open, visible and respectful with this community as we progress regeneration planning in this area in future.